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There are many factors that can affect the speed of cut in standard units of lumber.  Under optimal maintenance and use conditions, we recommend a top to bottom stroke speed of approximately 60 seconds in softwood and 90 seconds in green hardwoods, slightly longer in dry hardwoods, presuming carbide-tipped chains are being used.

It is important not to allow the bar & chain stroke to cut too fast, as it will cause excessive wear, or too slowly, as it will create excessive heat and affect both the chain and bar edges.

Our V-Series systems have a resistance-based speed valve which can vary the speed of the cut based on the amount of resistance pressure and top pressure being applied to the main hydraulic cylinder.  

Our recommendation is to use a new or newly sharpened chain and properly squared guide bar to find the correct stroke speed based on your conditions of cut and set the speed valve to the correct numerical equivalent.  As a chain dulls, the resistance pressure will increase as will the applied pressure and the system will try to maintain your optimum cutting speed.

If you find that you’re having to constantly adjust the speed valve to maintain optimum stroke speeds, that is generally indicative of a chain and/or bar maintenance issue.

Please review our chain and bar maintenance guidelines for further information on possible causes of cutting issues, including a marked slowdown in your stroke speed.

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