Scratcher® Chain

Planer Finish

Up to 100% faster than other crosscut systems available today, the HOLTEC "V" series cutting system uses a fixed guiding frame on both ends of our cutting bar and incorporates depth-programmable controls.
The "V" series enters a unit of lumber at a canted angle for the smoothest possible entry, then swivels level to a horizontal plane upon reaching any programmed depth. This allows you to leave bottom layers of lumber uncut for easier handling of short packages.   Because the swivel point is adjustable, the "V" series cutting assembly has a rated top to bottom stroke-speed of fifty-five seconds*, that's up to twice as fast as other systems available today.
For precision tolerance needs, the "V" series cutting assembly comes equipped with our exclusive Scratcher® chain technology and HOLTEC Double Stellite® Guide Bar assembly, both of which are designed to maintain a precision of +/- 1mm (.040") on every cut and unlike conventional chain saw chains, which tend to chip, tear and splinter limber, Scratcher® chains leave a planer finish on your lumber.
But for industrial needs, our "V" series can easily be adapted to use virtually any type of bar and chain assembly including a thinner-kerf (3/8"-.404” pitch) conventional chain saw bars & chains.

Safety is not just a word for us, it’s an ideal.  Built for worldwide distribution, HOLTEC systems are engineered and designed to Swedish safety standards for industrial machinery, undisputedly the strictest standards in the world.  From electronic access-limiting switches which powers down the entire system if there is an intrusion into the cutting area to Macrolon® shielding to galvanized operator’s platforms, the combination of HOLTEC's renowned engineering and safety standards raises the bar on production confidence, and produces something else... a safer working environment.

HOLTEC Precision Crosscut Systems will cut your lumber with more accuracy and a smoother finish than any other cut-off system available.  Whether you're using chop saws or multiple trim saws, no other system can match the speed of our systems combined with our +/- 1mm (.040") accuracy*. That's a fact. And it's our guarantee.

It's also a fact that with the ability to cut an entire package at one time, no other system can match the speed of a HOLTEC. Our system processes more volume than any other crosscut system available, with absolute precision.


Unlike conventional saws, HOLTEC systems are available with electronic length-measuring and positioning. You no longer have to rely on mechanical stops or measurements to accommodate changing lengths.  HOLTEC systems provide digital readouts for varying lengths, and are available with push-button controls, or CNC-computerized controls for automatic positioning. These features eliminate the down time you incur each time you have to change lengths with conventional systems.

Our after sales support is second to none. HOLTEC systems rarely fail, but if you ever have a problem, our service vehicles are equipped with state-of-the-art installation and service equipment as well as advanced communication systems.  Whether for repair or just preventive maintenance, our dedicated field-service technicians strive to be on-site within twenty-four hours of your request.

HOLTEC systems are designed to meet every need; to handle every job. Whether it's our Transcut® Portable Crosscut Saw for small jobs, or our MAXIMUS® system for larger applications, there's a HOLTEC for your particular requirements. Backed by success and ingenuity that spans more than forty years, our HOLTEC  design engineers will construct a system that will increase your productivity... as well as your profits. That's a HOLTEC commitment.

HOLTEC systems equipped with our exclusive Scratcher® chain technology include turn-key delivery and installation. There are no add-ons or surprises. Our German-trained technicians install your system and stay with you throughout a comprehensive training program.  They leave your plant only after you are completely satisfied with your system and its operation.

V-Series Angled Entry

V-Series Swivel to Horizontal

V-Series Exit Horizontal

CNC “One-Touch” Controls

Macrolon® Shielding

HOLTEC personnel are fully trained and equipped with service vehicles to provide on-site* service to our customers when needed and in fact, we are the only package crosscutting system manufacturer in the United States that has this capability using our own service vehicles with dedicated Field Service Technicians and Installers.

Package Crosscut Saws for Lumber Crosscutting with Absolute Precision
Package Crosscut Saws for Lumber Crosscutting with Absolute Precision
Package Crosscut Saws for Lumber Crosscutting with Absolute Precision
Package Crosscut Saws for Lumber Crosscutting with Absolute Precision
Package Crosscut Saws for Lumber Crosscutting with Absolute Precision

Designed to cut whole bunks of lumber to length in less than 60 seconds with an accuracy of +/-1mm (.040”) and leave a planer finish.

It's that simple.






*All specifications and pricing are subject to change without notice. HOLTEC cannot be held responsible for errors in typography or photography. Photographs may show systems with optional accessories. On-site service may not be available in certain remote locations.  Proper maintenance procedures are essential for accuracy and longevity, and accuracy results are based on HOLTEC installed systems using Scratcher® chain technology. Stroke speed may vary based on specie and dimension of lumber. HOLTEC, TRANSCUT, SELECUT, AUTOCUT & MAXIMUS are registered trademarks of HOLTEC GmbH. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Warranty and guarantee terms are subject to limitations and delivery or installation to certain remote locations may incur additional charges.Financing is arranged through a third-party vendor and is subject to credit approval.  Please contact us for complete details.  ©2020 HOLTEC (U.S.A.) Corporation. All rights reserved.