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HOLTEC Selecut V

The Selecut® V system comprises of a fixed frame assembly with an electronically moving saw assembly.   With this system, the forklift operator loads the package of lumber onto the frame assembly.  The saw operator positions the saw; initiates and completes the cut; then electronically targets his next cutting position.  Our Electronic Length Measuring System precisely measures the length of cut and displays this length on a digital readout.  This system, running at normal capacity, can cycle a unit-cut (load/cut/position/unload) approximately every 3.0 minutes, giving it the ability to make approximately 150 unit-cuts per 8 hour shift and with a precision of +/-1mm (~.040"), the system exceeds commonly accepted Precision End Trim tolerances*.


The V-series also allows you to program the depth of each cut, allowing you to cut multiple short lengths without having to cut through the bottom layer of lumber. This system enters the package at an 18 degree canted angle, and remains at this angle until it reaches your programmed depth, then swivels to its horizontal position. The V-series cutting system has a rated top-bottom speed of fifty-five (55) seconds, which is up to 100% faster than other systems available today*. The Selecut® V system comes equipped with our Electronic Operation Console which includes the following items, all as standard equipment:


•    Complete Housing Enclosure around cutting system

•    Analog Cut Counting Meter, permanent and shift reset-able

•    Electronic controls and electronic valves

•    Depth adjustable cutting

•    Electronic Length Measuring System

•    Demag® electric drive motor for positioning

•    Laser-light Guide for cutting

•    Complete control center with non-slip operator’s platform and stairs

•    IP54 Outdoor Use Rated

HOLTEC Selecut V with Inline Squeeze

The Selecut® is available with an integrated power package-squeezing system.  This inline package alignment enables you to utilize the latest technology in conjunction with the precision cutting capabilities of the Selecut® system and removes the necessity of of pre-aligning packages prior to loading.  The power squeeze system is specifically designed to align packages with battens attached and ranging from 8’ to 20’ in length.

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