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The Maximus ® system is designed for the greatest production capability with minimum material handling requirement.  Using a rollcase-based infeed and outfeed, your lumber is placed directly onto the rollers for processing.
The Maximus®  integrates our package aligner as an inline component of the system.  For production that requires end alignment of lumber units prior to cutting, this design eliminates double handling of the units.  End alignment of your lumber also results in minimal end trim requirements, yielding greater usable lumber.
The Maximus® system is designed to integrate a chain conveyor infeed and outfeed as well as inline strapping systems.  This reduces unit preparation time, resulting in significantly higher production output  

The forklift operator loads the package of lumber onto the Infeed roll-case and transports the package to its cutting position, completes the cutting process, then transports the finished package(s) to discharge position.  This system, running at normal capacity, can cycle a unit-cut (load/align/position/cut/unload) approximately every 2.5 minutes, giving it the ability to make approximately 180 or more unit-cuts per shift*.

Our exclusive V-series cutting assembly allows you to control the depth of each cut, allowing you to cut multiple short lengths without having to cut through the bottom layer of lumber, if you need it.  The cut enters the package at a ~18 degree angle, and remains at this angle until it reaches a programmed depth, then swivels to its horizontal position to complete the cut with maximum efficiency.
In softwood lumber, the V-series cutting system has a rated top-bottom speed of fifty-five (55) seconds, which is up to 100% faster than other systems available today*.
The Maximus® V system comes equipped with our Electronic Controls and includes the following items as standard equipment:


•    Complete Housing Enclosure around cutting system

•    Analog Cut Counting Meter, permanent and shift reset-able

•    Electronic Trigger Switch Controls

•    Electronic Valves for Hydraulic System

•    Electronically programmable depth adjustable cutting

•    Manual override Electronic Length Measuring System

•    Laser-light Guide for cutting

•    Front Control Center with complete non-slip operator’s platform and stairs

Unique to our MAXIMUS® system as well is the ability for it to grow along with your requirements.  By the addition of a variety of material handling and integrating devices, the system output can achieve up to a 100% increase in the number of cuts per shift.  Some of these items are:


•         Extended Infeed With Dual Rollcases
•         Infeed Chain-Conveyor Preloading System
•         Outfeed Chain-Conveyor Offloading System
•         Automated Package Compression


The Maximus ® system is designed for the greatest production capability with minimum material handling requirement and we invite you to contact us for more information.

The Maximus® system can be equipped with our exclusive "drop rollers",  allowing large blocks to drop through to a waste conveyor and eliminating the potential problems associated with end cuts on a rollcase-based system.

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