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Each HOLTEC System is a result of the most advanced engineering and manufacturing techniques available. Our systems are built to be accurate, dependable, and provide years of profitable performance.


From our Transcut®  series of Portable Saws to our remarkable Maximus® series, we have a HOLTEC systems that will meet your every requirement.


Together, our design and construction engineers work to incorporate new technology into our systems.  They strive to enhance the material handling aspects of our systems with one ultimate goal: to reduce labor costs and increase production, thereby increasing your profits.


Every HOLTEC system is constructed with the best that today's technology can offer. From magnesium alloy rivets to aircraft-rated hydraulic fittings, as well as the highest standards of stress-rated steel.  Our construction standards are based on the belief that although superior components may cost more, they last longer and require less maintenance, which translates to a lower operational cost for our customer.


No system leaves our manufacturing plant until it has passed through seventy-five different quality control inspections and our HOLTEC systems are built to demanding Swedish safety standards, which indisputably are regarded as the world's strictest standards.


Ulimately, what all of this means is that when you invest in a HOLTEC system, you can be assured of an investment that guarantees the highest degree of precision, speed, and safety in a crosscut saw. One that will help you realize greater profits than any other crosscutting system available in today's market.


From the moment your requirements are discussed with us, we put our extensive knowledge to work for you. Together, we will determine how our systems can benefit your operation, and then we will propose a system to meet those requirements. Our commitment is to ensure the system we design for you will be the most effective and profitable solution to your production problems and demands. And that your reasons for investing in a package crosscutting system are even greater reasons for choosing a HOLTEC.

Package Crosscut Saws for Lumber Crosscutting with Absolute Precision
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