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Peter Klement

Founder & Chairman

The HOLTEC system began as an idea in 1966 when a customer brought to our attention problems he was experiencing in cutting lumber to length. We discussed his needs and designed a solution that would solve his problems: the concept of cutting an entire bunk (pack), of lumber at one time with speed and accuracy.


Although package crosscutting systems were previously attempted, none had performed with any degree of precision. We, however, were convinced that precision could be achieved in combination with speed. It was a goal we pursued diligently, and as a result, in 1967, the first HOLTEC Precision Crosscutting System was installed in then-West Germany.

As a result of our innovative engineering, the precision of this system surpassed anything available at the time, firmly establishing HOLTEC as the industry leader in package crosscut technology. Today our industry's technological and manufacturing advances have enabled us to achieve a precision of +/- lmm (.040") on all HOLTEC installed stationary systems*. This accuracy has become an industry yardstick which remains unmatched, and is our guarantee.
We’re proud of the fact that HOLTEC pioneered the concept of precise package cutting over 40 years ago.  Our entire support program is dedicated to ensuring our customers' productivity.  We believe this is the reason that over 2,400 HOLTEC systems are now operational in forty eight states and six provinces of Canada, with over 10,000 systems operational worldwide.
We welcome you to visit our Florida facility; a "working showroom" where you can put our systems to the test. Here you can see our renowned precision, speed and ease of performance, as well as witness the integrity of our system construction. It is also where you can meet the people of HOLTEC in the United States.  Professionals who share the same dedication to excellence and customer satisfaction.

Package Crosscut Saws for Lumber Crosscutting with Absolute Precision
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