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- 20' Fixed Frame Assembly
- 3/8" (.404") Stellite® Armored Guide Bar
- 3/8" (.404") Pitch commonly Available Chain Saw Chain
- Automatic Chain Tensioner
- Rack & Pinion Movement
- Automatic Sawmotor Shutoff
- Steel Alignment Stands
- Electric Oil Lubrication Pump

- IP54 Outdoor Use Rating
- HOLTEC parallel Guide Frame
- Macrolon® Safety Shielding
- Elevating and Galvanized Operator's Platform​

Our economically priced Transcut® II Station provides significantly more precision than what a portable saw delivers and.  Using conventional .404" chain saw-chain The Transcut® II Station will cleanly cut through a package of hardwood or softwood lumber in about a minute, and with an accuracy of ± 1/16"* and is affordably priced for manufacturers whose needs demand more than a portable saw, but less than the capabilities of our automated systems.

With this system, the forklift operator loads the package of lumber onto the frame assembly.  The saw operator positions the saw using a rack & pinion wheel on the platform; initiates and completes the cut; then moves to his next cutting position.  Available with an optional Electronic Length Measuring System to assist you in determining the length of your cuts, this system, running at normal capacity, can cycle a unit-cut (load-cut-position-unload) approximately every 5 (five) minutes*.

We've priced it low, but equipped it with all the features you need to start processing your lumber quickly and is the perfect solution for your custom or on-demand, non-production cutting needs.

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